19 Bella Tapas BYOB Restaurant

Grant Brown

Proprietor & Head Chef

Chef Grant began his cooking career at age 7, while watching the Galloping Gourmet. He was so intrigued with the dishes he asked his mother if she could make them, to which she replied ” you can, for the dinner party we are having Friday night “.  Successfully serving their guests smoked roasted pork loin, cucumber dill soup, and strawberry snow, his love of cooking began.

During his summers home from school he would cook for families such as Henry Ford II at age 18.  After graduating from college at age 22 he took a position as the executive sous chef for a restaurant in Cambridge, Massachusetts.  From there his journey and career took him to Virginia where he was the chef at Leather Coat, then to Detroit, Michigan where he was the executive chef at London Chop House, then to New York where he was the executive chef at the Polo Lodge.  He opened his first two restaurants in Vermont; Grant’s Tavern and The Sweet Wooddrift Tavern & Grill.  When his family relocated to Philadelphia he opened the Meritage, which he sold after 4 years and then opened 19 Bella. Chef Grant has won numerous cooking awards and is a 4 star rated chef.

In addition to cooking, Grant is also an accomplished artist, a passion that is shared with his son, Liam.  You will find their artwork displayed throughout 19 Bella, as well as on this site under the Del Prado Art Gallery tab.