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Coffee & Tea Menu


Coffee & Tea Menu

House Roasted French Press Coffee 32oz

Classic Mokka Java Blend: Earthy, chocolate, caramel & spicy honey, ginger-smooth. 12 per pot / 1/2 Lb Retail 9

Costa Rican:  Base of walnut and sugar are followed by top notes of grape, mouth-cleansing citrus,
chocolate 12 per pot / 1/2 Lb Retail 9

Sumatra Blue Batak Tarbarita Peaberry: Rustic sweetness, chocolate, honey-hickory, & savory herbal notes of lemon basil.
12 per pot  / 1/2 Lb Retail 9

 Zimbabwe Chipinge:  Mild Coffee, With Convincing Sugar-Browning Sweetness, malic acidity, and medium bodied.  Chocolate Cacao notes fill out the finish 12 per pot  1/2 Retail 9


Decaf Indian Monsoon Malabar:  A very low acidity, thick and creamy, overly earthy style cup.  13 per pot / 1/2 lb Retail 11

 Decaf Ethiopian: The aroma is citrus and tart like berries.   Caramel balanced with cocoa tones.  A nice
Medium bodied cup.  13 per pot 1/2 lb Retail 11

Hot Chocolate & Turkish Coffee

Turkish Coffee w/Sugar, Cardamon, Cloves & Cinnamon 9

 Belgian or Mayan Hot Chocolate w/Cream & Cinnamon 9

House Roasted Espresso Drinks

Espresso: Single 3 Double 4

Americano: Shot of Espresso & Water 4

Cappuccino: Steamed Milk & Espresso Topped with Foam 4

Latte: Steamed Milk & Espresso 4

Mocha: Steamed Milk, Espresso & Chocolate 4.5

Breve Latte: Steamed Cream & Espresso 5

Specialty Coffee

Columbian Supremo (Grant’s New Favorite): A full bodied, crisp, acidity and very clean.  Great chocolate tones and a slightly dry nutty finish.  14 per pot / 1/2 lb Retail 11

Kenya BTC AA Top Lot: A Kenya herbal tone makes it very identifiable.  A great balance between citrus, floral, herbal and chocolate.  14 per pot /1/2 lb Retail 11

Papua New Guinea Signi A/X: A caramel/chocolate, low acid sweet.  14 per pot 1/2 lb Retail 11

Peru Org. SHB EP Norte: Low acidity cup with a bit of a sweet edge to it.  Medium bodied and predominately chocolaty 14 per pot/ 1/2 Lb Retail 11

Loose Leaf Teas ($4 cup/$8 pot)

Ginseng Green: Sweet Earthy Green 

Rooibos  “Red Tea” Slightly fruity and smooth 

 Darjeeling: Black Tea from Puttabong.  Sweet fragrance, smooth & tangy 

Peach: Black Tea, Peach & Marigold Flowers

Earl Grey:  black tea, zesty with citrus sweetness 

  Calypso Green: Clean and sweet w/tropical fruit & coconut

 Pouchong Coconut:  Light green oolong, honey, flower & fresh coconut

Decaf Earl Grey:  black tea, zesty with citrus sweetness 

 Decaf Cha Cha: Layered in aromatics: cool earthiness from mint, sweet, uplifting floral from chamomile & lemongrass

Decaf Hazelnut: Flavors of hazelnut & cinnamon  

Decaf Blood Orange: Orange Peel, Rose-hips, hibiscus  

Decaf Peppermint: Pure peppermint  

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