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24 Valentine’s Day Lunch Recipes That’ll Surprise and Delight Your Loved One


24 Valentine's Day Lunch Recipes That'll Surprise and Delight Your Loved One

Authors KATINA BENIARIS AND GABI AMBROSE of Womens Day say “Sure, a romantic dinner is the star of Valentine’s Day, but lunch is totally underrated if you ask us — especially if Valentine’s Day falls on a weekday. After all, a Valentine’s Day meal doesn’t have to be candlelit or surrounded by rose petals to be special. Lunch can be the perfect occasion to whip up all the cutest Valentine’s Day recipes, since you don’t have to take it as seriously as a fancy dinner. This is the time to craft all those heart-shaped, pink and red, ooey-gooey love-fest type dishes that will have your loved one look at their plate or open their brown bag and smile.”

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