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Have a Healthy Summer Barbecue!

Have a Healthy Summer Barbecue!

Barbecues are a summer tradition for many people. They’re a great way to gather family and friends, enjoy fresh air and warm weather, and eat delicious food! Unfortunately, many traditional BBQ favorites are often high in sugar, salt, and heart damaging fats. A diet that is high in these products can contribute to heart disease, weight gain, and other problems. While it is perfectly okay to enjoy these foods once in a while, if you find yourself at barbecues every weekend, you may want to consider making some healthy swaps! Here are some ways to have a healthy summer barbecue:

Choose lean meat: Red meat is higher in saturated (unhealthy) fat than white meat, so if grilled chicken or a turkey patty is an option, choose those over a hamburger.

Go veggie: Veggie burgers are a great alternative to meat. They can replace a hamburger, and give you an extra serving of vegetables that comes with vitamins, minerals, and fiber! Add extra lettuce and tomatoes for a double serving of veggies!

Be choosey with condiments: Not all condiments are created equal. Mayonnaise is about 100 calories per tablespoon, versus mustard that is 5 per teaspoon (or 15 per tablespoon). Cut back on calories and fat with lighter condiment options such as mustard, ketchup, or relish.

By: Alyssa Simon – Nourish Interactive

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