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Food Trends For The Summer


~ Sea vegetables Make It to Food Trends for 2017 ~

According to BBC Goodfood, sea vegetables are all the rage for 2017, so much that they have made it to their “10 Food Trends for 2017”.

Like me, you are probably saying “what are sea vegetables ??” Here is what BBC Goodfood has to say about them:

“We’ve seen an exponential rise in veggie and vegan cooking in the last few years, with ‘vegetarian butchers’ and their ilk around to remind us that vegetables should no longer be consigned to a side order. One sub-genre we expect to see more of is sea vegetables like healthy dulse (seaweed), which can be used as a salt substitute, to add a briny tang to food or for snacking.
Try it yourself…
If you browse the right aisles you can probably find seaweed products in your nearest big supermarket. Nori is used extensively in Japanese cooking, so check out the world food section to find these pressed seaweed sheets. They’re traditionally used to make sushi, alternatively crush them into shards and sprinkle onto salad, ramen or rice bowls.”